Build open and honest relationships with communication 通过沟通建立开发和诚实的关系

Fundamentally, we believe that openness and honesty make for the best relationships because that leads to trust and faith.

We value strong relationships in all areas: with managers, direct reports, customers (internal and external), vendors, business partners, team members, and co-workers.

Strong, positive relationships that are open and honest are a big part of what differentiates Zappos from most other companies. Strong relationships allow us to accomplish much more than we would be able to otherwise.

A key ingredient in strong relationships is to develop emotional connections. It's important to always act with integrity in your relationships, to be compassionate, friendly, loyal, and to make sure that you do the right thing and treat your relationships well. The hardest thing to do is to build trust, but if the trust exists, you can accomplish so much more.

In any relationship, it's important to be a good listener as well as a good communicator. Open, honest communication is the best foundation for any relationship, but remember that at the end of the day it's not what you say or what you do, but how you make people feel that matters the most. In order for someone to feel good about a relationship, he/she must know that the other person truly cares about them, both personally and professionally.

At Zappos, we embrace diversity in thoughts, opinions, and backgrounds. The more widespread and diverse your relationships are, the bigger the positive impact you can make on the company, and the more valuable you will be to the company. It is critical for relationship-building to have effective, open, and honest communication.

As the company grows, communication becomes more and more important because everyone needs to understand how his/her team connects to the big picture of what we're trying to accomplish.

Communication is always one of the weakest spots in any organization, no matter how good the communication is. We want everyone to always try to go the extra mile in encouraging thorough, complete, and effective communication.




  能让这种关系牢固的一个主要因素就是大家建立起一种感情上的联系。这种关系强调互动,你要有爱心,要友好,真实,并且确定你总是做对这种关系有益的事情。世上最难做的事情就是建立一种互信的关系, 但是一旦建立了,你会发现你所取得的成就超出你的想象。

   在任何一种关系里面,最重要的就是做一个很好的聆听者,沟通者,开放,诚实的沟通是任何一种关系的基础,要知道一天下来,重要的不是你做了什么,或是说了什么,而是你让人们是怎样的感受才是最重要的。为了让人们从这种关系中感到愉快, 他或她一定要了解到有人无论是在工作还是生活上都在关心他们。




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